Month: August 2019

Fixed term vs. Savings accounts, which one is better?

Every year, Argentines learn a little more about saving and why it is important not to spend their entire salary on purchases, departures and other items. And once they raise a certain amount of money, what you have to decide is what to do with it. Will a savings account be the best? But what Read More

6 out of 10 want mortgage repayment requirements

I read about an interesting study that Sean Cole has commissioned by Good Finance. This showed that 6 out of 10 Swedes want tougher requirements for mortgage repayments. Myself, I have always been to repay loans and do it myself. I am fairly heavily amortized considering that I live in my house myself. Therefore, I Read More

Christmas Gift Loans – Loan Money For Christmas Gifts Here!

Unfortunately, borrowing for Christmas presents can be a necessity if you are up for Christmas at all with no money left. Unfortunately, Christmas is some really expensive months for all people, and for some more than others. Therefore, there are many different types of loans that allow you to borrow an amount that you can Read More