Month: December 2019

Credit for mothers on parental leave

Parents are entitled to parental leave for their child until the child is three years old. It is not uncommon for the family to grow larger, which involves many costs. The child needs many things, such as a bed, a nursery and new clothes. During this time, the mother receives parental allowance, which is not Read More

Loans with a bailiff at your home – what requirements, formalities, collateral are required?

Life on credit has become synonymous with our time. Unfortunately, not always and not everyone manages to pay debts, and this often leads to court and later bailiff execution. People with a bailiff will not get a loan from a bank or from most loan companies. Having a bailiff and wanting to take out another Read More

Credit for implants

Today, numerous banks and savings banks offer flexible and powerful credit products that can also score with free use. The offers of the numerous online banks in particular are very often proving to be flexible financial products that are not subject to any particular purpose. Many online loan offers are therefore ideally suited as a Read More