Month: January 2020

Credit for motorcycle

Taking out a motorcycle loan is often inevitable. Because new, high-quality motorcycles are not necessarily cheap or even cheap. Even when buying a used vehicle, you should plan additional expenses for a technical inspection in a good workshop. After all, safety comes first – especially for two-wheel vehicles. In order to pay as little money Read More

When is an online loan contract void or time-barred?

When borrowing money, also via the Internet, a contract is made. One of its parties is the lender providing funds, and the other is the borrower who obtains funds and undertakes to return them, together with interest, within the period specified in the contract. However, if and when can the loan agreement be invalid and Read More

Is it worth using free payday loans?

Many of us think that there must be a catch in free loans if they are completely free. Usually, however, loan companies do not want to make money on customers who pay back the loan on time – the financial costs that allow the company to sustain itself are borne by those who cannot cope Read More