How to Store Your RV Properly

You and your RV have probably gone on a lot of adventures. From setting up camp in the middle of nowhere to cruising down the open road, you have covered a lot of ground in your RV.  

However, there comes a time where you’ve got to take a break and store your RV somewhere safe. Perhaps you’ve got a lot of work to do, or winter is closely approaching. Whether it is a long-term situation or a short stint, you’ve got to know how to store your RV properly to keep it in excellent condition.  

This is where RV storage companies can help. Today, we’re going to share with you some tips on how to properly store your RV in an RV storage San Antonio company. 

Retract All Slides 

If you are thinking about whether you should store your RV with or without slides, professionals suggest you retract all of them.  

Though it is fine to keep them out if you aren’t using your RV for several days, you should close them up. This is particularly true if you’re storing your RV for a long period.  

You’re protecting your slides from the outdoor elements if they’re retracted. Before you close them, make sure you clean all the mechanical components.  

Open the Vents 

You can prevent mildew and mold if you keep the rooftop vents open. This will help air circulate inside your RV. Opening the vents enables air to flow inside the vehicle without allowing water inside. If you keep the air circulating, you will not encounter any musty odor the next time you use your RV.  

Get Rid of Leftover Food 

There’s a huge possibility that your RV is filled with all your favorite food. Unfortunately, you do not want any leftovers to stay inside while you store your RV.  

Get rid of all food from the freezer, fridge, and cabinets. Aside from preventing pests, you can also avoid dealing with spoiled food that has foul smells.  

After you get rid of everything from the freezer and fridge, you should turn off all the appliances. Then, prop open all the cabinet doors to prevent mold from developing.  


When preparing for RV storage, keeping pests out needs to be one of your primary concerns. Start by making sure there are no holes or gaps where pests can crawl inside your RV. You can install plugs or screens into pipes, hoses, and vents. Also, use spray foam or steel wool to seal any cracks.  

Deep Clean Your RV 

One of the most crucial things you should do to your RV before you store it is to deep clean it. Get rid of all the grime and dirt by giving your RV a good wash down using water and soap.  

Once you’re done cleaning the exterior, you will also have to clean the interior as well. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean your RV’s interior. Sweep up any dirt, vacuum the furniture, clean the countertops, and wipe down surfaces. With this, your RV is already clean when you use it again in the future.